Donate / Sponsor

Donate / Sponsor

There are several ways to make a meaningful contribution to Tesoro Cultural Center:

Support Our Schools

Donations designated to help support our K-12 Education provide financial aid for school-level expenses including transportation costs (adopt-a-bus), curriculum development, the implementation of the Traveling Trunk show, and more!

General Fund

Donations to our General Fund help ensure that Tesoro can continue to provide meaningful programming and community-based events that celebrate Colorado’s history and cultural heritage. This support helps to offset event expenses and supplies, as well as other operating costs.

Endowment Fund

Your contribution strengthens Tesoro’s foundation for growth and sustainability, securing our future and our ability to serve the community with great success today and in the future.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Attach your business name and logo to our unique events and educational programming with exposure through direct mail, website, social media, and other marketing, advertising and promotional materials.

All donations are 100% tax deductible, less the value of any goods or services provided in exchanged for your contribution.

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