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Bent’s Old Fort: Intersections

Bent’s Old Fort:  Intersections program explores the history of Bent’s Old Fort, an international fur trading post along the Santa Fe Trail from 1833 to 1849. Attendees will learn about trade economics and the cultural diversity of what is now La Junta in Southeastern Colorado. The program includes historical objects, primary sources, inquiry-based, hands-on challenges, and meeting the cast of characters who inhabited Bent’s Old Fort during its years in operation.

The American Indian Tribes of Colorado

The American Indian Tribes of Colorado program creates opportunities for attendees to explore the history of the American Indian tribes native to the region (namely the Ute, Arapaho and Cheyenne, and others) by analyzing primary source documents (including oral histories, photographs, maps, etc.), handling historical objects, viewing a short video, and seeing STEM in action far before it was an acronym used today for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Colorado’s Early Hispano Settlers 

Colorado’s Early Hispano Settlers program investigates the arrival of Hispanos to what is presently known as Colorado through the exploration of various inquiry-based activities using both traditional Hispano objects and primary sources that promote critical thinking skills and connection-making between the past, present, and future.

Women of the Santa Fe Trail

The Women of the Santa Fe Trail program investigates the fearless women who braved the Santa Fe trail between 1821 and 1880, encountering various obstacles and life-threatening conditions. Ten women's lives are revealed in a compelling take on Western History. Their adventures, heartbreak, relationships, and societal positions make them fascinating subjects. Some of these women are Susan Shelby Magoffin, Owl Woman, Josefa Jaramillo Carson, Amache Prowers, and Rebecca Meyer. Learn about the remarkable lives these women led!

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Traveling Trunk Shows

Taking the best of our onsite program on the road, Tesoro now offers Traveling Trunk Show programs for adult and senior audiences in the community. Each of the above topics is available as a trunk show! These 1-hour programs bring the history of Bent’s Fort alive through hands-on activities, historical objects, and an emphasis on primary source documents. Best of all, we come to you!  Please contact us for more information by clicking the link below or call us at 303-839-1671.

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