Rendezvous Participants 2023

Rendezvous Participants 2023

Waugh Rendezvous Friends!

2023 marks the 21st year that Tesoro has commemorated the American Mountain Men of the 1830-1840s era and their part in this historical blending with Indian and Hispanic cultures to live, trade and celebrate. Tesoro’s Rendezvous re-creates the rough and tough life of the early fur trappers of the American West, during this annual gathering of the tri-cultures from the 1830-1840s Bent’s Fort era. Tall tales, fun, food, competition, art, education, camping and a whole lot of interesting people will make this a memorable and exciting weekend for visitors of all ages!

Be ready for high adventure activities such as a competition black powder shoot, flint & steel fire starting, and a scavenger hunt. Observe the buckskin attire of the Mountain Men and Women, as well as the accessories of the Traders. Learn as they demonstrate the crafts and skills that were necessary to survive during the era of the fur trapper. Learn where they lived and the equipment they carried and used. Take time to listen and learn from those who have traveled the trail before you or a different trail altogether.

Here’s a list of Mountain Men and Women Participants for 2023

Vic BarkinVic Nathan Barkin

Louisville, CO

1830s trapper/hunter. Special display of original and exact recreation flintlock firearms of the Rocky Mountain fur trade 1810-1840

Ryan BadgerRyan Badger

Littleton, CO

Making willow hoops to stretch hides. Will discuss the process of trapping and information about beavers.

Edward DuncanEdward Duncan

Colorado Springs, CO

Will be portraying a trader.

Dave HeideDavid Heide

Elizabeth, CO

Will demonstrate proper use of a flintlock rifle.

Martin KnifeChiefMartin KnifeChief

Buffalo hide and sinew sewing, stories, and beadwork.

Jack KochJack Koch

Expert information directly from National Park Service Bent’s Fort.

Karin Christine KowalskiKarin Christine Kowalski

Centennial, CO

Will be sorting, washing, drying, and spinning churro wool and discussing jerga cloth trade on the Santa Fe Trail.

Roy MartinRoy R. Martin

Laramie, WY

Will be portraying and explaining life in a plains tipi.

Venerando Musumecci pictureVenerando Musumecci

Blacksmithing in the Mountain Man Era 1820-1840

Sam PisciottaSam J. Pisciotta

Pueblo, CO

Trader from the 1820s.

Rex RideoutRex Rideout

Conifer, CO

Music and Stories from the Early West.

Michael SchaubsMichael Schaubs

Littleton, CO

Trader who will discuss trading goods and the procedures and processes. He will also demonstrate the sign language that was used to trade goods.

John SteinleJohn Steinle

Arvada, CO

Demonstrating frontier medical practice along the Santa Fe Trail and at Bent’s Fort using replica and original medical items.

Angela WeedenAngela Weeden

Centennial, CO

Will work with fleeces from churro sheep, wash them with yucca root, hand card them & spin them on a drop spindle while discussing the process of production and trade of jerga cloth.