SCFD and Tesoro

SCFD and Tesoro

SCFD logoTesoro Cultural Center’s educational programming would not be possible without the generous support of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), and that of our individual contributors. We believe our mission, to keep the history and artistic treasures of our American past alive in our community, is vital in the education of our children.

For those who may not be aware, the SCFD was created almost 30 years ago, giving the public a way in which to support the arts, science, and cultural organizations (like Tesoro), through a one cent tax on every ten dollars spent. The Denver metro area has been tremendously enriched by the diverse cultural opportunities created in large part by SCFD’s funding. Over 275 organizations benefit from the SCFD program – at approximately $40 million annually. This is incredibly impactful to organizations like Tesoro and to the communities we reach. Very few other cities provide for the arts as much or as successfully as Denver has done.

Tesoro is a Tier III recipient of SCFD’s support. Tier III organizations benefit our neighborhoods and provide outlets for the most personal cultural interests. Many provide opportunities for members of the community to be involved as performers and educators (as in our K-12 Educational and Adult programs). Tier III organizations receive 13.5% of the SCFD Funds.

The reauthorization of SCFD was passed by voters in November 2016 and extends the SCFD program through 2030! Under the reauthorization, Tier III organizations will receive a larger percent of the funding than in the past. Tesoro is incredibly grateful to all who voted YES in support – THANK YOU!

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