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Tesoro Cultural Center Curriculum

The Kiowa People: In Their Own Words

Oral History Video and Classroom Activity Packet

Video Recorded by the Emhoolah Family
Lynne Scholfield, Producer Director, L. S. Productions, LLC

Curriculum Activity Packet Written by Marilyn Lindenbaum
Designed by Julie Rudofsky, InHouse Design

A Publication of The Tesoro Cultural Center

Funded in part by Daughters of the American Revolution

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The Tesoro Cultural Center is proud to offer The Kiowa People: In Their Own Words – a video featuring John Emhoolah, a Kiowa Tribal Member and Colorado resident, and its companion Classroom Activity Packet.

In the video, the Emhoolah family discusses the rich culture and traditions of the Kiowa and Plains Indians through the power of oral history. The film explores such topics as:

  • The Origin and Migration of the Kiowa People
  • Use of Horses and Kiowa Hunting Practices
  • Trade
  • Bent’s Old Fort
  • Spirituality and Warrior Societies
  • Traditional Music and Dancing

The video’s companion Classroom Activity Packet, The Kiowa People: In Their Own Words, provides supportive and impactful activities and resources for Educators that can be easily incorporated into their classroom curriculum. The Classroom Activity Packet supports Colorado Academic Standards for Grades K-8.

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Some samples from the Activity Packet: