Tesoro’s Team of Interpreters

Tesoro Cultural Center was founded with the mission to create community-based events and educational outreach programs that celebrate our cultural heritage. Inspired by Colorado’s rich history, our events and programming feature traditional arts created by renowned artists, historical demonstrations and reenactments, music and more.Adult and Senior Education Programs

Tesoro Cultural Center’s core programming wouldn’t be possible without our dynamic team of historical interpreters. Tesoro’s interpreters strengthen ties between Tesoro and its visitors through advanced interpretative techniques that promote and create living history experiences for all audiences. Interpreters provide authentic and engaging learning opportunities for adults and children alike by wearing historically accurate clothing and adapting their communication techniques to the needs, motivations and interests of our visitors in ways that make history relatable, interesting, and thought-provoking.

To book your guided tour with Tesoro, or to learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact info@tesoroculturalcenter.org or call 303-839-1671.

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